1. General provisions

1.1 The seller is the owner of the site, who performs its administration and operation.
1.2 The buyer consciously agrees to the terms and conditions before clicking the Buy button at the last step of placing an order on the site.


2. Order placement procedure and product delivery

2.1 The goods are delivered to the mail specified when purchasing, after a successful transaction.
Step 1 - The buyer selects an available product on the site.
Step 2 - After selecting the product, clicking the Buy button redirects the buyer to the site with payment for the product.
Step 3 - After payment, the buyer receives the goods.

3. Bans and restrictions for users

3.1 The user is prohibited from using the site in any way that may interfere with its normal functioning.
3.2 The user is prohibited from performing actions with unfair advertising, anti-advertising, or slander on the site.
3.3 Accounts [no data changes], don't try to change your password, or set up two-factor authentication. This will block your account.

4. Return

4.1 Each product has its own return warranty period.

4.2 Refunds are made only for non-working items.

4.3 To exchange an invalid key / account, you need to: