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Users often choose this platform because of its low prices for games. After all, here you can often see discounts on the most popular games where you can not find them on other sites. The Kraken shop Game Store reviews the best games on the GOG platform especially for you and provides an opportunity to buy them at the lowest prices in the CIS. We differ from other sites in that we are a full-fledged store and you buy proven games personally from us and not from other sellers, the quality and granite of which are very different from ours. Becoming a customer Kraken-shop.net you can relax and forget that your account will be stolen or you will receive a non-working product, this is our special feature of the store.

Kraken-shop.net is an online store of digital goods, where you can purchase keys to various games of your choice. We do our best to ensure that your purchases are quick and safe, and the prices are pleasantly surprised.
To purchase a product, you just need to specify your email on the checkout page and select a payment method. Delivery will not keep you waiting.

We have our own system for evaluating games. How does it work? On each product page, you can see the popularity rating. Clicking on it will increase the popularity by 1 point.
Thus, we have created a system that allows customers to vote for the game and thereby bring it to the top of the store by rating.

Those. the support of our site will answer all your questions about the product and its purchase. We will always be happy to help you!

- We do not overcharge, as most of our competitors do.
- We do not sell products with a low rating, for example, giveaway games.
- Convenient and fast payment by various payment methods.
- Caring support service.
- Kraken-shop is the official website and we provide guarantees for the quality and safety of the goods.