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The Bureau XCOM Declassified

 A computer game, a mixture of turn-based strategy and tactical role-playing game, which belongs to the X-COM series of games and was developed by 2K Marin.


Initially, in the 2012 version of the game, according to the developers, in order to effectively fight against the enemy, the player will have to study it and invent various methods of fighting against it. The main enemies, the Aliens, are a humanoid kind of "living technology". In most cases, the player will act together with his teammates, while it is possible to switch to tactical mode to give orders to his allies.

A preliminary screenshot from the game, which shows the moment of the struggle of FBI agents (including the main character) against the enemy

The game has a tactical review mode, when entering which the game time slows down to give orders to two agents traveling with the protagonist. Working with agents is a key feature of the game. Agent classes can be customized by selecting abilities that are useful in missions. The missions themselves can be selected from various options, that is, XCOM includes role-playing elements. Carter has a radio and radar at his disposal, allowing him to track the activity of aliens.


At the very beginning, XCOM agents can only use terrestrial (firearms) weapons: a pistol, a submachine gun, a submachine gun, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Carter can carry two types of weapons with him, while other agents are limited to one (however, they do not run out of ammunition, whereas Carter must constantly look for cartridges or batteries). At the end of the prologue, Carter and the other agents receive venn bracelets from Dr. Drezner, which allow them to use the alien weapons found. However, the aliens ' weapons self-destruct when the soldiers are killed. In order to prevent this from happening, you must first find this type of weapon, which has not yet been in the hands of the enemy. To replenish ammunition, Carter needs to pick up weapons of the same type. Also, in many places you can find a satchel or a box with cartridges suitable for any terrestrial weapon, or a box with batteries for alien weapons. The boxes significantly replenish the corresponding ammunition.

Carter can also throw grenades. At first, these are ordinary "lemons". Later, Carter will get access to the" sticky " grenades of the Aliens. Strangers are also actively throwing grenades. In addition to weapons, each agent carries a combat backpack. As you progress through the tasks, you can find various types of satchels that increase certain qualities of the agent, including satchels that increase one quality at the expense of another. In the main tasks, somewhere halfway through, Carter is given the opportunity to change weapons, grenades or satchels for all agents and even change agents. In addition, at more difficult levels, these are the only points where you can replenish the squad with agents instead of the dead.


The main enemies are the so-called aliens: humanoids with advanced technologies, including laser and plasma weapons. The self-name of the aliens is "zudyari", but this name is almost never used even by the game interface. The Aliens represent a powerful interstellar empire that has already captured several worlds and races. Two of these enslaved races are involved in the invasion of Earth: sectoids and Mutons (the latter serve in the alien army as mercenaries: this can be found out by reading the results of the autopsy of this alien species). The appearance of both races is practically no different from "XCOM: Enemy Unknown", indicating that" The Bureau " is a kind of prequel of that game. The only difference is the glowing blue collar on the sectoids, indicating that they are slaves. Among the alien troops, there are also silicoids-semi-intelligent clumps of biomass that eat flesh, drones — flying spherical robots that shoot from a great height and treat allied troops, sectopods — walking robots with sectoid pilots, stormtroopers-alien aircraft that land troops and shoot laser cannons, and titans — flying saucers that attack with deadly rays. The aliens also consist of various classes, including ordinary soldiers, defensive commanders (create shields), phantoms (become invisible when moving), elite soldiers (have shields), snipers, psi commanders (are able to temporarily take control of an XCOM agent) and others. In addition to ordinary mutons, which are heavy soldiers in armor, there are also elite mutons that have jetpacks.

According to Firaxis, this game is, in general terms, a prequel to "XCOM: Enemy Unknown", describing the foundation of XCOM. From this it can be judged that the sectoids and mutons were first enslaved by strangers, and after their defeat — by ethereals. Also, the ethereals in "The Bureau" are not the same as in "XCOM", clothing there are certain similarities (for example, four hands). It can be assumed that the energy etherials are those representatives of their race who were able to leave their bodies. The others were unable to do this and subsequently attacked the Earth.