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Description Spintires


It is an off-road driving simulator. The player will have to carry cargo on Soviet all-terrain trucks through the remote Russian taiga, where there are practically no paved roads, and there are only impassable forest clearings.

The main feature of the game is the deformable road surface, which allows you to implement the Havok physics engine. Cars can leave behind ruts in the road, making it difficult for subsequent travel, and bury their wheels in soft ground. The indentations after that also remain.

Thanks to the unique technology of the Havok Physics engine, the environment changes every time you decide to pass the next track. Exciting off-road racing is not limited to exorbitant speeds; you will have to put a lot of effort to win the races.

Features of the game:

Realistic behavior of cars on the highway
multiplayer game for 4 people
Arrivals day and night, in any weather
Cargo delivery tasks
Various cars of several classes (scout, logging truck, fuel truck, technical vehicle, tractor)
Manipulator crane control
Spintires focuses on the maximum simulation of the car's behavior. For example, there is a limited supply of fuel, which must be replenished from time to time from the tanks available in the game. The damage model is implemented. You can turn on/off the differential locks and all-wheel drive, and this significantly affects the cross-country ability and fuel consumption. The cars have a winch, with which you can pull out a stuck or damaged car by hooking a rope to a tree or another car.

In cars, the gears can be switched either manually or automatically. The gearshift modes can be switched using the lever in the lower right corner of the screen.

Each of the cars can be equipped with various technical devices that turn the car into a logging truck, a tanker, a repair truck, a tractor truck, etc.