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Description Mafia 3

Mafia III 

A computer game in the genre of an action adventure and a third-person shooter. The plot of Mafia III indirectly continues the story of the game Mafia II, however, as in the second game of the series, it has no connection with the original game.


The game is made in the genre of an action adventure with a third-person view. The protagonist this time is Lincoln Clay (Lincoln J. Clay), and the scene is New Bordeaux, whose prototype was New Orleans and its surroundings of the sample of the 60s and 70s of the XX century. The player will be able to move around the area with the help of cars, as well as by boat — for the first time in the series. The city in Mafia III consists of different districts. There is a suburban area and underground tunnels. New Bordeaux is noticeably different from its prototype, New Orleans.

In Mafia III, as in the previous games in the series, emphasis is placed on the storyline, but there will be more opportunities for free play than in the first and second parts. One of the important elements of the game is the subjugation of enemy territories. An important role in the gameplay is played by lieutenants-representatives of groups friendly to Lincoln, who can help the main character — for example, provide fire support or buy off the police. In return, they need to perform tasks and provide control over the territories they are interested in. If you deprive one of your lieutenants, ignoring his interests, then the lieutenant will go to war against Lincoln. The game revolves around the single-player passage of missions. The developers have abandoned the multiplayer for the game.

The developers of Hangar 13 have made a number of changes to the game, added new elements that were not present in the games of the Mafia series. Mafia III has become a full-fledged game in the open world. Now you can perform side tasks, participate in street races, and also capture the enemy's establishments. The game automatically changes the time of day and the weather. As in the previous game, there is an opportunity to improve cars, as well as receive prizes for participating in races. Chases play an important role in the game. In the chase, the player can shoot from the car directly at the enemy. This function is implemented using the "smart aiming" system.

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