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Left 4 Dead 2 

A computer game in the genre of a cooperative first-person shooter with elements of survival horror, developed and published by the American company Valve Corporation. It is a sequel to the game Left 4 Dead.


The gameplay is based on the struggle of Survivors with hordes of Infected. Each campaign consists of several levels that the Survivors must pass in order to get to the rescue transport for evacuation from the infected area. The levels are connected by "safe rooms","shelters". As soon as the Survivors get inside the room, clear it of the Infected and lock the door, the game will end, and the next level will start in the same room, but with the old exit securely locked and the new one available. Such rooms contain weapons, ammunition and first aid kits. The campaign is completed by four characters, each of which is controlled by a person or a bot. At some levels, in order to continue the path, the Survivors have to activate the so-called "panic events", which lead to the appearance of a huge number of Infected people. Compared to the first part, "panic events" have become more diverse, now on some maps the appearance of new Infected people does not stop until the Survivors perform certain actions that will eliminate the cause of their appearance.

The game has an artificial intelligence, called the Director, which affects the gameplay, adjusting to the level of players and changing such game parameters as the number of Infected, the frequency and place of their appearance, weather conditions, etc. Thanks to his work, each passage of the game is unique and inimitable, which increases the replayability of the game.


A downpour can greatly impair the view and drown out all the sounds in the game.

Since the game is focused on team passing, this mode is the main one. The goal of this mode is to complete one of the campaigns with a team of four players. There can be from one to four people in a team, the missing players are replaced by computer-controlled bots, with the possibility of joining a human player during the game. If one of the players needs to interrupt the game for a short time, then he does not have to leave the game or ask others to wait, he can transfer control of his character to the bot, without fear that someone else will take his place. Also, control is transferred to the bot automatically if the player stood still for 25 seconds. The game has four difficulty levels: easy, normal, master and expert. The level of difficulty affects such parameters as: the amount of fire damage on their own, the number of Ordinary Infected, the amount of health and the amount of damage from infected, the frequency of new Infected. After the end of the campaign, players are shown the statistics of their passage (time spent, number of killed, accuracy, etc.) and achievements related to the completed campaign are counted. In this mode, the coherence and mutual assistance of players is important, especially at high difficulty levels, where without well-coordinated actions and mutual assistance, the team of Surviving players will be quickly destroyed by the superior forces of the Infected. For convenience, the game has the ability to communicate with each other via voice communication or sending text messages. To improve the gameplay, the ability to conduct voting has been added: any player can initiate a survey to find out the opinion of the rest of the team members on important issues: excluding a player from the game, changing the map, replaying the campaign or returning to the lobby (game room). Communication is carried out via a local network or Steam


In this mode, four players take on the role of Survivors, and the other four take on the role of Special Infected. Each team must have at least one person to start with, the missing players are replaced by bots. Each player in the Infected team is given control of one of the Special Infected: A Fat Man, a Hunter, a Smoker, a Jockey, a Bully or a Spitter. Two players cannot control the same characters except in some cases (this rule does not apply to bots). From time to time, the Infected team is also given a Tank, which is controlled, as a rule, by the Infected player who has currently scored the most points. The witch as a game character is not available, she is always controlled by artificial intelligence. After some time after death, a Special Infected Person reappears, and the player can choose where to appear in the respawn mode. A prerequisite for this is to choose a position in which he is out of sight of the Survivors and not very close to them. In the respawn mode, the Infected player is invisible to the Survivors, and for other players of his team is displayed as a white silhouette. It also moves at a significantly increased speed. In the Battle mode, the killed lansent dienSurvivor player does not respawn behind closed doors, the only way to revive him is to use a defebrillator. After the end of each round, the survivors are awarded points depending on the distance traveled by each player and the number of those who reached the shelter. After passing the map or the death of the Survivors, the teams change places. The team that scored the most points on the sum of the previous rounds becomes the team of Survivors, and the losers become Infected. When the final card is played to the end, a table with the points of the teams will be shown and the winning team will be determined