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Description Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2

All the lenses are aimed at you-at the center of the stage. You are not just in the image. You are the image. The role that you play belongs only to you. It is written for you. You are greeted by silence. The director does not shout out instructions. You don't need a team to become this version of yourself. You are filled with the desire to play, but there are no words in the script.
The past has predetermined your personality and granted you the skills necessary for your craft. The same past has scarred you with deep scars that no one sees. The core affected by them is hidden so deeply that it has lost its outlines. You hide from the memories, but this experience allows you to get used to the role.

The spotlight picks out your silent silhouette from the darkness. In addition to the beating of your own heart, you can only hear the splash of waves beating against the stern and the sound of working cameras that capture this moment for centuries.

A low, authoritative voice is heard from afar. Play it.

What role will you choose? 

Plot and research. Explore the world around you. Find out about your past and why you were chosen for the role in this film.
Psychological horror. What is it: a scene from a movie or antics of your memory? The slightest reason is enough to change your whole world. It's up to you to decide what's real in it.
Sea trip. The depths of the ship, on board of which the film is being shot, will surprise and frighten you more than once.
A traditional chilling soundtrack. Original musical accompaniment from the composer Arkadiusz Reikowski, conductor George Strezov and the Sofia Session Orchestra.