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Description Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution

Сomputer game in the genre of economic simulator developed by Frontier Developments for Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4 and released on June 12, 2018. In November 2020, on the Switch platform. The game is based on the film series of the same name.


At the beginning of the game, only one island of Isla Matanceros will be available to the player, the rest of the islands, including Isla Nublar (one of the islands of the film), are opened gradually, as they develop and achieve success. The climatic conditions on the various islands are quite noticeably different. The essence of the game is to build an amusement park, in order to bring profit (eateries, theme parks, and, accordingly, the dinosaurs themselves). By the way, breeding and caring for dinosaurs are one of the primary tasks of the player. new collection