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A series of computer games in the genre of stealth action, available on many modern platforms. The action develops around a professional killer clone, known by the code name Agent 47. The series is being developed by IO Interactive, an independent Danish company

In 2007, a film based on a series of games called "Hitman"was released. Initially, it was planned to take Vin Diesel for the role of Agent 47, but he refused, and actor Timothy Oliphant was taken for the main role. The film was directed by Xavier Jean, and produced by Luc Besson and Chuck Gordon. In 2015, the film "Hitman: Agent 47" was released with Rupert Friend in the title role, which radically departs from the plot of the game line and is poorly received by fans of the series.


In most levels, the task is to eliminate one or more enemies (occasionally there is a task to overcome a protected area or steal an item). The player is free to choose which way to perform the task — to destroy enemies with firearms or to act covertly. Despite the fact that there are extremely violent scenes in all games, the game does not encourage bloodshed, and if innocent people suffer, the player is fined. In addition, starting from the second game of the series, when the "Silent Killer" rating is reached (which is usually achieved by destroying only the target of the task without raising the alarm), the player is given additional bonuses — weapons or a cash prize.

The design of the levels is generally non-linear, and, as a rule, there are several paths of passage. Nevertheless, to find even one approach, you need to carefully scout the territory and analyze what you saw. The murder itself usually takes 5-10 minutes of pure time, but preliminary exploration can last for hours.

The gameplay is built around dressing up: unlike conventional stealth games, the player not only hides from enemies in the shadows, but also mixes with others by changing into the appropriate uniform (after finding it in the locker room, killing or euthanizing the carrier).


The classic arsenal of weapons of the 47th includes a non-metallic string for strangulation, a pair of AMT Hardballer pistols, which are called Silverballer in the series, and a custom-made Walther WA2000 sniper rifle. Starting with Hitman 2016, the standard weapon was the ICA19 pistol, nicknamed by players as the Blackballer (an analogue of the Silverballer, repainted in black). In addition, the 47th can take many types of weapons from guards, police, its targets or from hiding places. However, after the "Silent Killer" rating system was introduced in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, the use of firearms was no longer encouraged. The second game of the series can be completed by firing only four bullets. Contracts can be (albeit with difficulties) passed without shooting at all. In Blood Money, the player is forced to shoot only in the training and final task, but they can also be passed without a single shot, for which you will have to try hard. In Absolution, the player is forced to shoot only once