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Description Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Social Club

Grand Theft Auto V

A multiplatform computer game in the genre of action-adventure with an open world, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games

The game takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas, the prototype of which was Southern California. The plot in single-player mode is built around the adventures of three robbers who arrange increasingly daring robberies and oppose both organized crime and law enforcement agencies. During the game, the player controls the selected character in first-or third-person mode; the character can freely move around the vast world of the game both on foot, and by cars and other types of transport. A special feature of Grand Theft Auto V compared to other games in the series is the ability to switch between characters at any time, both during the execution of tasks and outside of them. Many tasks of the game are associated with robberies and car theft; at the same time, the game character can participate in shootouts and chases. Grand Theft Auto Online is a built-in online multiplayer mode that supports up to 30 players at the same time — both cooperative and competitive tasks are offered for them.

Developers from Rockstar Games said that at the time of the release of GTA V is their largest and most ambitious project with the largest open game world created by them. GTA V is not only the most expensive game in terms of development and marketing costs in history, but also one of the most popular — as of 2021, its total sales on all platforms exceed 135 million copies, second only to the sales of Minecraft


In total, the game has 62 main missions and many side missions. Since the robbery missions can be completed in several ways and the game has 3 endings, the number of main missions increases to 69.

Location of the action

The place of action of Grand Theft Auto V was the fictional city of Los Santos, the prototype of which is Los Angeles. Los Santos first appeared in one of the previous games in the series — Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, released in 2004. In the game, in addition to the city itself, there are also adjacent areas of the countryside, mountains, forests, hills, and beaches, called "Blaine County"in the game. There is also a separate game space — the fictional state of North Yankton, probably a parody of the real-life state of North Dakota near the Canadian border. There is only one gloomy city in this state — Ludendorff. You can't get to North Yankton, with the exception of two story missions, the action of which takes place directly in Ludendorff. The entire map of Los Santos and its surroundings is open to players from the very beginning. There are 39 locations in the game in total. In the January 2012 issue of Game Informer magazine, an interview with Dan Hauser was published, where he said that the map size in GTA V will be very large

Missions and activities

Missions and classes received a lot of attention from the developers. Each of the 3 main characters has its own missions, you can almost always perform them in any order, switching between the protagonists. In the previous games of the series, there were many similar tasks, in GTA V, almost all the story missions are unique, from an exciting chase for your own yacht to the most large-scale robbery of the federal reserve. Each character has his own hobby


One of the key elements of the gameplay and innovations of GTA V are bank robberies. You can commit a robbery in several ways by selecting a suitable team, which, depending on its capabilities, will require a larger percentage of the stolen money. But inexperienced and inexpensive team members can let the player down at a crucial moment and the player may lose some of the stolen goods. You can raid a regular store or a collection van if you need to earn money quickly.


In an interview with IGN in March 2012, Dan Hauser talked about some of the features of the Max Payne 3 multiplayer mode. In an interview, he said that, as in Max Payne 3, a system of "gangs" will be available in GTA V — an analogue of ordinary clans, which players will be able to organize through the Rockstar Games Social Club online service. He also said that the importance of multiplayer has increased significantly over the past few years, so Rockstar Games intends to actively develop the online aspects of its games. The development of these ideas was Grand Theft Auto Online.