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Description Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

An open-world computer role-playing game developed by the American company Obsidian Entertainment and released by Bethesda Softworks in 2010 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In Russia, the game was released by 1C. The game is part of the Fallout series.

The game takes place in 2281 in post-apocalyptic America, two hundred years after the world nuclear war and shortly after the events of the game Fallout 3. The game character, known simply as the Courier, is hired to deliver a valuable parcel to the city of New Vegas (formerly Las Vegas), but the Courier becomes a victim of a robbery and almost dies, and during the further game tries to return the parcel and take revenge on his abusers. The game gives the player the opportunity to freely explore New Vegas and its surroundings, independently find tasks for themselves and participate in the confrontation of several parties fighting for power over the city and the Hoover Dam.

Although the game uses the same game engine as the previous game in the series — Fallout 3, similar gameplay and a number of borrowed game resources, it is not a direct continuation of Fallout 3, instead using themes, world elements and some characters from Fallout 2 and Van Buren, a canceled project of Black Isle Studios. New Vegas received high marks from critics, who noted the proximity of the game to the roots of the series and the huge amount of content available to the player, but pointed out a large number of software errors and technical problems. At the end of 2010, over 5 million copies of the game were sold.


The main character is a courier (the player chooses and adjusts the gender and appearance independently), who works in the company "Mojave Express" and has nothing to do with Shelters, delivering another parcel (a platinum chip for a casino), is ambushed by bandits under the leadership of a certain Benny and is left to die in a shallow grave without a parcel. There he is found and dug up by the robot securitron Victor, after which he takes the hero to the town of Goodsprings to the local doctor Mitchell. Doc heals the hero, conducts a couple of surveys and tests (including the Rorschach test), gives him a Pip-Boy, returns equipment and weapons and sends him to the Wasteland. One of the primary tasks of the main character is to find out what this platinum chip is for and who tried to kill him.