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Description DIRT 3 Complete Edition

DiRT 3

A computer game of the car simulator genre, the eighth in the Colin McRae Rally series. The continuation of the previous game in the series-DiRT 2. DiRT 3 is based on the EGO 2.0 game engine

The main part of the gameplay is devoted to earning reputation points, which the player receives by participating in various competitions, and which are needed to attract the attention of sponsors who provide new vehicles. Also in the game there is a jimhana mode, where the player must pass a track with obstacles, while performing tricks to get points. In addition, there are also "party" modes in the game, in which the goals are the destruction of wooden buildings, the spread of zombie infections and the capture of the flag. In hardcore mode, the player can only view from the cockpit, there are no assistants, snow and rain appear, as well as the ability to upload video replays directly to Youtube.


There are a total of 62 cars in the game (44 main ones, the rest are from different DLC). Most of the cars are open immediately, but not all of them can be used on Tour. Some cars may not be suitable for the discipline, class or level of reputation of the driver. There are many types of team coloring pages for each car, each of which has its own design style and types of bonus tasks performed in races. As you progress in your career, both new cars and coloring pages for them are opened.

Ratings and reviews

"Codemasters have created an excellent, unique racing simulator. Their rallies combine both the seriousness of these competitions and fun for a relaxed holiday, " the Games-TV portal responded about the game. In his review, he gave the highest score — "worth buying".

PC Games: "It is clear that every detail of the game was carefully thought out, and because of this Lansent Dien is easily recorded in the pantheon of the best racing games on the planet."