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A multiplayer computer game in the genre of survival horror with an open world, developed by Bohemia Interactive. The game is a remake of the eponymous modification to Arma 2, created by game designer Dean Hall

The game takes place in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernorussia, whose inhabitants have turned into aggressive zombies as a result of a certain cataclysm. The player-controlled character must survive in a hostile environment, avoiding enemies and getting weapons, food and other supplies from abandoned buildings. At the same time, other players are also active on the same map; each player has the right to kill other players ' characters, avoid them or join groups with them for joint survival.

The development of the game began in 2012, when the author of the modification Dean Hall joined the company Bohemia Interactive. Despite the status of the early alpha version and the lack of many planned features in the game, as of May 2014, more than 2 million copies of the game were sold, which brought about $ 100 million to the developers


The player in DayZ has a goal to survive in a hostile world engulfed by a zombie apocalypse. The created character appears in the game world empty-handed, with only the simplest clothes, a flare and a piece of fabric. The open world of the game is a vast territory of 225 square kilometers, with many cities, villages, fields and forests, without any internal barriers and downloads; unlike the modification of the same name, you can enter almost any building in the game. To stay alive, the character must search for food, water and medicine in abandoned buildings. In addition to the actual supplies necessary for survival, the game can also find a variety of clothing items — clothing not only facilitates survival, protecting the character from enemies and bad weather and allowing you to carry more items with you, but also allows you to emphasize his personality, making him different from other characters. Giving the player the opportunity to protect themselves from hostile zombies and other players, DayZ contains many types of all kinds of weapons, from kitchen knives to modern machine guns (although since version 1.0 their number has pretty much decreased), as well as a variety of ammunition, sights and other accessories (among them: handguards, butts, bipods, sights, and the weapon itself can be painted (removed from official servers since version 1.0). The game introduces the possibilities of growing vegetables, fishing and various hunting, ranging from snares for catching hares, and ending with banal shooting at deer.