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Description Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines 

It offers a new look at the classic genre of urban planning simulator. This game perfectly conveys the difficulties that arise before the mayor and allows you to create a real metropolis, while at the same time bringing pleasant innovations to the game. 

The creators of the game took part in the development of the Cities in Motion series, so the game features a highly realistic transport system. You can use modifications to customize the gameplay to your liking, enjoying a multi-level simulation of city life. You are held back only by the limits of your imagination! 

Complex and multi-level simulation

Building a city is easy, but can you make it work like clockwork? As mayor, you will have to take care of education, water supply, electricity, police, fire and utilities, and much more, not to mention the economy of your region. The inhabitants of the city react quickly to changes, making many game scenarios realistic.

Detailed simulation of traffic flows

The extensive experience of the employees of the Lansent Dien, obtained by them in the process of working on the Cities in Motion series of games, helped to create a realistic simulation of urban transport.