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Description Alan Wake

Alan Wake

A 2010 computer game developed by the Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The developers defined the genre of the game as a "psychological action-thriller"

The events of Alan Wake take place in the American place of Bright Falls. The name of the settlement is borrowed from the television thriller-prequel of the same name (produced by the USA-Finland, 2010, consists of the same as the game of 6 episodes) with a similar plot. The main character of the game, writer Alan Wake, is trying to find his missing wife and is faced with a supernatural Dark Entity that takes over the city and its surroundings at night, planning to take over the planet. Finding scattered pages of his own manuscript Departure ("liberation", the title plays on the second book of the Torah, Exodus), Wake realizes that his adventures are subject to the plot of a novel written by himself, but forgotten. The model of the character of Alan Wake was the Finnish actor, screenwriter Ilkka Willy


The game is a third-person shooter, which the developers call a "psychological thriller" and a "cinematic game". In various interviews, the authors repeatedly draw attention to the fact that the game does not look like a typical survival horror. It alternates between night and day segments, almost completely different from each other in terms of gameplay —all the action takes place at night, when the character is forced to wade through a forest, a national park, wander through abandoned farms, mines and other buildings. The daytime episodes are calmer and rather help to show the city of Bright Falls from the other, bright side, and at this time Alan communicates more with its residents, having the opportunity to move around limited territories — a cafe, a police station, a trailer park and a psychiatric hospital.

In the game, the most important role is played by light. Lanterns with lights are small islands of safety in the dark. In the light, the health of the main character is restored at a high speed. If you stand under a lantern, the darkness that pursues the protagonist will recede. There are quite often spotlights in the game, which must first be turned on using QTE. The monsters opposing Alan Wake are vulnerable to the light destroying the shadow protecting the monsters. A powerful stream of light immediately kills. When the shadow is scattered, enemies can be destroyed with any weapon. You can also destroy those called up with bright light grenades, a flare gun, searchlights that are periodically found on the map.

The main tool in the game is a flashlight. You can't kill any enemy with a flashlight, except for crows, ghosts and other equipment, but a flashlight is necessary to cope with the summoned ones controlled by a Dark Entity. First, Alan directs a flashlight beam at the enemy to destroy the shadow protecting the enemy, and then uses a firearm. In normal mode, the flashlight does not consume energy, however, if you increase the intensity of the beam by pressing the appropriate button, it begins to be quickly wasted. As the game progresses, Alan finds more powerful models of lanterns, and sometimes there are "stationary" lanterns powered by a gasoline generator. If you find a car, you can damage the enemy with a headlight and a bumper.

The game world covers 100 km2 (36 sq mi) with a direct visibility of 2 kilometers. Almost all people in a small town can be met several times. The characters presented at the beginning are more important in the plot. Alan Wake can go into buildings and study them from the inside. One of the basics of the gameplay is full-fledged support and the need to move by car. However, the developers eventually abandoned the open world. Also, the game does not have a multiplayer mode.